Choir Survey Results

Many thanks to everyone for a 100% participation in the survey!

Please find below a summary of the findings along with the committee’s initial response to the survey results.

  1. Currently the choir comprises of 26 paying members. The choir needs to grow and so the committee are looking at a range of ways to help make that happen.
  2. We have 7 Highs, 10 Mids/Melody, 5 Lows and 4 Men.
  3. Choices for the number of gigs/month was evenly split across three options.
    We have overwhelming support for at least 4 significant gigs a year. However there is also a large group of members that would like to do more.
  4. The most popular choice for the maximum numbers of gigs a month in busy times is 1-2 but again a large group of members would be happy to do more.
  5. Over half of current members are happy to take whatever type of gigs are available and/or think we should consider anything offered at this time. When specific preferences were selected evenings and weekend performances were more popular than afternoon or mid-week ones; paid events were marginally more popular than charity ones and weddings seemed to be most popular but there are strong caveats in the comments section with regards to weddings that need to be considered.

As a result of the survey:

  • We shall be sending out dates for choir social events
  • We shall be providing suggestions on how we can use our own social media contacts to help market  the choir
  • Once we have new marketing material we shall be providing posters and flyers for everyone to distribute
  • We are creating a calendar of events for the rest of 2015 and into 2016 to cover many of the items raised in the survey
  • We are considering forming a group of members to take part in Bournemouth Open Mic Nights and Karaoke events as well as supporters to talk to interested parties at those events

More to follow on these and other initiatives as we have time to discuss and form strategies for taking Sound of Soul from strength to strength.

These results are also available as a downloadable document: Sound of Soul Choir Survey Results

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